Will CompTIA Certification Get Me a Job?

Short answer.


Long answer.

While there are many benefits of the CompTIA certification, here are the top 3 on the list:

  • Increase Your Employment Prospects
  • Expand Your Knowledge & Demonstrate Continuous Improvement
  • Increase your Value

A CompTIA certification helps you land an interview but is only a small part of a larger picture. Most companies are looking for someone that will be a good fit in the job within the company but they are interested in much more than just what tests you can pass. However, if you can’t pass the test, you often never get the interview.

For example, many jobs require at least a Security+ certification.

CompTIA certification

As an example, any Department of Defense IT job (including lucrative contractor jobs), require anyone with an administrator account to have at least the Security+ certification. If you don’t have it on your resume, automated resume scanners may reject your resume before a real person even sees it.

Even if the HR person scanning your resume doesn’t understand the details of the CompTIA Security+ certification, they do recognize the value of IT security knowledge.

Your certification and the underlying knowledge is important when your resume is reviewed, when you complete some technical pre-interview tests, and when you’re interviewed. However, it is isn’t the only important element.

When pursuing a new job, you often have two short-term goals.

  • Get an interview. You have the best chance of success here if your resume has the certifications and the knowledge/skillset required for the job. A cover letter (or email introduction) also helps.
  • Shine during the interview to get an offer. You need to demonstrate that you have the knowledge/skillset required by the job and you are a good fit for the organization’s team. This is often much more than your technical ability.

If you’re not getting interviews, improve your resume and introduction process. If you’re not getting jobs after interviews, improve your interview techniques.

During the interview phase, you have an opportunity to shine. You can expect to be asked about your knowledge and skill set related to the job and you should be able to easily talk about anything you’ve included on your resume.

A CompTIA certification such as Security+ is a good way to increase your value and stand out in a competitive industry. The value you gain from the certification gives you an edge when weighed against others who have not validated their knowledge. It helps you get in the door when pursuing a job or promotion and helps you advance toward a rewarding career in security and IT system administration.

When a job requires certification, resumes without the certification are quickly eliminated. A hiring manager might have a hundred resumes to fill a single job and this job requires a specific certification. He looks through them and sees that only about 10 include the certification. The rest are tossed aside.

If you have the certification they require, you’ll make it to the next phase. However, just having this on your resume won’t be enough.

Resume Tip

Take the time to target your resume for every new position. Ensure each resume includes the key words of the position you’re applying for, so that it has a better chance of being noticed. 

Some jobs require candidates to take one or more tests. Some tests are strictly technical asking you multiple-choice technical questions. You aren’t expected to ace them, but they often give the hiring managers an idea of your technical knowledge.

One of the top benefits of the Security+ certification is that it provides you with a better understanding of important current security principles. It also demonstrates continuous improvement on your part.

The CompTIA certification helps to validate your knowledge and skills and it can help you advance in your career. 

A CompTIA certification can certainly make you marketable, but it isn’t the only consideration for any job. You cannot expect any certification to get you a job. You can expect certification to make you more marketable and help you land an interview. After that, it’s up to you.